Casey Kelley

Executive Search Consultant

Office: 850-337-1474
Cell: 850-499-1584

Casey Kelley .jpg

Casey Kelley facilitates executive searches for an array of leadership positions in higher education in her role as an Executive Search Consultant for G/A&A. She is tasked with, and passionate about, providing hands-on support to G/A&A clients, reaching out to potential candidates, presenting candidates for review of search committees, managing the interview process, referencing finalists and ensuring each search results in a successful candidate placement. Prior to joining G/A&A, Casey served as a Senior Research Associate for an executive search firm that locates and qualifies experts for high-stakes litigation engagements. During her tenure as a Senior Research Associate, the firm was awarded Best Expert Witness Provider for its ability to find ideal expert witnesses for legal cases. She has also worked as an English teacher at the International School of Choueifat in Kurdistan, Iraq. Kelley received her B.A. in International Affairs and a minor in Arabic from Florida State University.