Amanda Bostick

Development and Special Projects Specialist, Executive Search Consultant

Office: 850-337-1481

Amanda Bostick is tasked with designing, developing and implementing learning programs and resources for G/A&A’s team members. Bostick’s responsibilities include facilitating real-time learning opportunities and ensuring optimal skill development of the firm’s personnel. Specifically, she maps out development plans and schedules, ensures data entry and management procedures are current and correct, edits documents and completes special projects for the firm. To further support the firm’s success, Bostick researches and recommends new training methods, ensures best practices are utilized and tracks the effectiveness of the firm’s efforts to grow and improve.  Her education, training and experience provide a strong foundation for advancing the vision and sustainability of the firm through continuously improving G/A&A’s organizational policies, procedures and communications.  Bostick graduated with a M.A. in integrated marketing and management communications from Florida State University. She graduated with a B.S. in political science and a minor in Spanish from the University of Mississippi.