Cindy Reed

Executive Search Specialist

Office: 336-233-2011
Cell: 336-508-5263

Cindy Reed facilitates executive searches for public and private colleges and universities, ranging from faculty and mid-level administrators to deans and presidents. She brings to her search work a dedication and results-oriented style derived from her extensive and varied experience working in the Chancellor’s office for one of the University of North Carolina institutions. There, she supported searches at all administrative and faculty levels, including senior leadership team and chancellor. Within national universities and first-generation serving institutions, Reed has served in various roles in development and institutional advancement and has seen higher education from the perspective of organizational leadership. She served on transition teams charged with onboarding two new university chancellors, including planning and overseeing first year activities relating to their transitions into their offices. She also has worked as a production coordinator and advertising administrator for communications companies. Reed received her B.S. in business administration from Appalachian State University.