• Meet with client and Search Committee Chair(s) to establish foundational details of project.
  • Analyze organizational needs and assess competitive strengths/weaknesses and opportunities/challenges of client relating to project.
  • Conduct forums, interviews and/or phone calls with stakeholders as needed.
  • Seek agreement from Hiring Authority and Search Committee Chair(s) on institutional needs regarding project. Discuss search process and profile. Ascertain customization needs of search to unique culture and procedures of the institution.
  • Co-Facilitate with Search Committee Chair(s) the Search Committee Start-Up Meeting to provide education about search process and G/A&A branded materials. 
  • Develop, in consultation with Search Committee, position profiles, ad text and plans, process details, work plans, schedules and budget for project.

Identification of Qualified &
Highly Desirable Candidates

  • Establish targeted strategies to yield best pools of viable and desirable candidates
  • Implement targeted search strategy through
    • Position advertisements placed in appropriate media outlets
    • Identification of top quality candidates from G/A&A database
    • Contacting of sources for nominations and referrals
    • Research and outreach to prospects identified through targeted search strategy
  • Cultivate qualified and highly desirable prospects to introduce search and provide rationale for their application

Candidate Evaluation

  • Support Search Committee in its review of applications through G/A&A branded screening and evaluation tools.
  • Assemble candidate materials for easy review and assessment by Search Committee members.
  • Meet with Search Committee to consider candidates and determine who they want to learn more about through Round One Interviews.
  • Advise Search Committee on options for further screening procedures, provide logistical support and G/A&A branded materials to facilitate assessment process.

Background Checking

  • Conduct 360⁰ referencing on finalists. Work with the Search Committee to develop referencing protocol, and if members wish to conduct references, teach referencing strategies and techniques.
  • Provide additional candidate materials to support Search Committee background checking needs.
  • Coordinate of background checking as requested by client.

Selection and Announcement

  • Collect and discuss appointment needs with finalists.
  • Support Search Committee final recommendation discussion.
  • Provide input to Hiring Authority regarding contract negotiations.
  • Support development of announcement materials and process.
  • Notify all candidates, nominators and others associated with the search about its outcome.