Leadership Services

Elevating leadership performance requires a seamless application of support and development from the moment of selection through ensuring the best succession process for the next person in the job. Greenwood/Asher & Associates, Inc. (G/A&A) provide an array of support for every step of this process.

Our work is rooted in research, psychometric tools and best practices of leadership identification, recruitment and development. To this work, we bring a great depth of knowledge about education and nonprofits and the work of leaders from our own service as leaders and from our own scholarship in leaders and their development. Our work is now augmented by our new strategic alliance with The Devine Group, a cutting-edge organization in the development and use of talent management solutions through the use of objective, predictive analytical tools for hiring and development. 

Leadership Services


Elevating leadership performance begins with an accurate assessment of behaviors, competencies and skills. Such assessments can be helpful for the onboarding of a new hire, for the development of a leader assuming new responsibilities within a current job title or for a person well-seasoned in a position, such as a presidential assessment relating to contract renewal. An assessment can provide insight into leadership characteristics and competencies and can aid in understanding strengths that can be capitalized upon and can identify areas for improvement through professional development.  

We provide several types of leadership assessments in addition to interviews and evaluation of credentials. Examples include:

  • Analytical assessments through use of The Devine Group Inventory. This  highly-efficient on-line tool, which takes only 25 minutes to complete, assesses individual's strengths, key areas for development and marginal competencies mapped to a relevant competency model. G/A&A has collaborated with The Devine Group for the development of competency models specifically for education leadership positions such as presidents, provosts, deans and for leadership competency models for leaders of nonprofit organizations. The report resulting from completing the inventory details the individual's strengths and marginal competencies as well as key areas for development. This service includes a professional and confidential feedback session to plan for future training and professional development to help individuals reach their full potential. To learn more about how using The Devine Group Inventory can help you and your organization elevate performance, click here.
  • 360-degree assessments through the input of supervisors, peers and direct reports to understand and document a leader's performance. We work with the assessing body, such as the board, to identify institutional needs and leadership expectations, design and execute the assessment and provide a written, and if desired, oral report on the results. Data collection can be through interviews, focus groups or surveys, as best suits the needs of the situation. Assessments also can be informed by several research-based leadership models or use of The Devine Inventory. We provide follow-up support and coaching based on the assessment results to ensure best outcomes in the leader's next arc of activities. To learn more about how the G/A&A 360-degree assessment can help elevate leadership performance, click here.

elevating performance for individuals and teams

G/A&A provides consulting support for every aspect of elevating leadership performance for individuals and for teams. Our work is custom-designed to your needs and unique organizational circumstances while based in research and best practices of leadership development. We use cutting edge resources such as The Devine Inventory. The list below exemplifies our work, but our work is as broad and creative as your needs.

  • Developing (coaching) senior and emerging leaders for long term success
  • Onboarding support for executives and other strategic hires
  • Transitioning and unifying new hires and their organizations for effective work together
  • Assessing presidents and senior leaders
  • Forming high performance leadership teams and measuring their impact
  • Facilitating results-oriented workshops/retreats for leadership teams
  • Assessing and developing boards of all types, including trustees
  • Ameliorating dysfunctional cultures in organizational units 
  • Mediating and supporting conflict-resolution
  • Building and implementing succession planning
Let us talk with you about how G/A&A can help you to elevate leadership performance.

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